ProLifer’s Update on Genetic Engineering: OUTRAGEOUS GOVERNMENT FUNDED VIDEO

“Create the perfect human being … that’s pretty cool.”

Right? While others in the video indicate disagreement, the propaganda damage has been done.

And it goes on and on.

A video by the U.S. government-funded (85%) National Academy of Sciences is reportedly suggesting that genetic engineering of human embryos – the so-called “designer babies” – will cure all sorts of problems and enhance human beings to a degree never imagined by most people.

There is no indication in current scientific research that these things can be achieved.

There is no admission in the video that thousands of human embryos will be killed in attempts to make a profit off of outrageous genetic editing efforts.

Here are some of the conditions the video suggests or hints can be cured: diabetes, ADHD, dyslexia, high blood pressure, and heart attack risk.

And the video gives the impression that designer babies can be created who are stronger, smarter, athletic, and better in school.

To be clear, there is NO science that comes anywhere close to an identified genetic source that can be reliably manipulated to do such things.

That N.A.S., however, doesn’t seem to care.

This is a perfect example of what you will see and hear over and over again in the doming years. There is way too much money to be made off of a gullible public who is enamored with ever greater capabilities through technology.

It is also a perfect example of how our tax dollars and government will be implicated in the coming circus. And in the killing of embryonic human beings.

The silver lining is that temporary criticism forced the N.A.S. on October 2 to remove the video and their entire webpage on heritable genetic editing.

Activism against these initiatives can make a difference. The time for all of us to speak up is now.

For information on objections to genetic engineering of human embryos, go to

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Chris Reilly