ProLifers’ Update on Genetic Engineering: NEW BEEF WITH GENETICS

We hear almost every day about research breakthroughs in genetic engineering, with promises of all the amazing ways that we can alter human embryos to prevent inherited “disorders” and disabilities as well as enhance desired traits.

How often do we hear about the ridiculous assumptions behind those claims?

Well, the cows are here to tell us just how much bull is involved.

Without suspecting it, the FDA recently stumbled into the discovery that a very precise, highly marketed therapy for altering cows’ genes has already resulted in the unintended transfer of genes from bacteria. In this case, the transferred gene may cause resistance to antibiotics. Here’s what’s scary: Nobody would have known about it if it wasn’t for the accidental discovery by regulators.

The sharp tip of the horn is causing pain for the company Recombinetics, which was being examined for its therapy intended to produce cows with no horns. They also thought their therapies could create consistently cool cows and permanently pre-pubescent pigs. The early hype is laughable.

Is genetic engineering appropriate for human embryos or for their descendants? Is any spiritually mature person surprised by such consequences of human pride?

In the meantime, the World Health Organization (WHO) is quite satisfied with an unenforceable call for a temporary moratorium on genetic engineering of human embryos – that is, a moratorium on allowing genetically engineered embryos to live after being experimented on.

On the genetic engineering farm, the barnyard is buzzing and the cock is crowing. Will anybody listen?